DewDrop Photography

Welcome to Dewdrop Photography, where the art of capturing moments and stories through the lens meets the enchanting backdrop of Athens, Greece. I am thrilled to present my portfolio, a visual journey that encapsulates my passion for photography across a diverse spectrum of genres.

1. Interior Photography: I have a keen eye for capturing the essence of interior spaces, revealing their character and ambiance.

2. Portraits: My lens is dedicated to capturing the essence of individuals, with a focus on portraits that radiate clarity and authenticity.

3. Fashion Photography: Step into the world of style and everyday elegance through my fashion and lifestyle photography.

4. Science Photography: Delve into the intriguing world of science through my microscopy photography. I strive to capture the hidden beauty and intricate details of the microscopic world, offering a fresh perspective on the wonders of science.

5.Fine Art Photography: Through creativity and imagination, I produce images that transcend the ordinary, offering a glimpse into the extraordinary.

I invite you to explore these diverse facets of photography through my portfolio. Each category reflects my passion for capturing the world in unique and compelling ways. Feel free to reach out to me for inquiries or collaborations. Enjoy the visual journey!

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